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I am available to come to your business location in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, or Niagara Area. Other locations within Ontario may require additional millage costs.

During an approximately 2-hour session, I will utilize a Canon XF300 High-Definition Video Camera, along with professional audio and lighting equipment. The focus will be on conducting on-camera interviews with key individuals, such as the business owner, manager, or staff. Additionally, I will capture extensive B-roll footage such as shots highlighting your products or services, exterior footage, yourself or your staff interacting with customers. etc.

Subsequent to the session, I will edit the footage, incorporating any supplementary materials provided, such as photos, add limited graphics (such as your logo) and background music. The final deliverable will be a promotional business video ranging from 60 seconds to 2 minutes. The video samples (below) speak louder than words.

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