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Ravi Rai

Narrative & Cinematic Design | Filmmaking | Digital Content Creation | Live Broadcast
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About Freelancer

Hello there! I’m Ravi Rai, a skilled videographer and video editor with a diploma in broadcast television and film production from Fanshawe College. My journey in the dynamic world of media production has equipped me with a diverse skill set, including video production, project management, teamwork, and proficiency in various pre and post-production software.

Passionate Storyteller and Creative Mind

My heart lies in the captivating realm of narrative films. Behind the camera, I thrive, pouring my creative energy into not just filming but also crafting compelling screenplays and brainstorming unique story ideas. My love for journalism and documentarianism extends my storytelling abilities, enabling me to conceptualize intriguing narratives for documentaries, commercials, and beyond.

Dedicated Work Ethic and Team Player

On the set, whether it’s for a film or live production, my dedication knows no bounds. I immerse myself in tasks, ensuring each aspect is completed to perfection. Collaborating with a team to witness the magic of production coming together brings me immense pride and accomplishment. I consider myself an invaluable asset to any production team, ready to take on leadership roles and always willing to lend a helping hand, recognizing the paramount importance of teamwork.

Aspiring Director with a Learning Spirit

While my long-term goal is to helm my film projects someday, I embrace the journey ahead, understanding that growth and learning are integral in this ever-evolving industry. Adaptability is my forte, and I eagerly seize every opportunity to acquire new skills, ensuring that I am well-rounded and equipped to face the challenges of the future.

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