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Prasad Chalke

Creative Director/ Videographer / Editor
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About Freelancer

Hey there, lovely souls! I’m Prasad Chalke, your friendly neighborhood video guru. Diving deep into the realms of media and video production, I’ve been on this creative rollercoaster for quite a while. If you’re on the lookout for someone who’s not just about cameras and edits but someone who brings a dash of magic to your visuals, you’ve found your person!

What I Bring to the Table:

So, picture this: your moments, your stories, turned into visual poetry. Whether it’s your wedding day, a personal project, or a random Tuesday that felt special—I’m here to capture it all, and then some.

What’s on the Menu:

  • Videography: Turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.
  • Documentaries: Crafting visual tales that resonate and linger.
  • Editing: Polishing raw footage into a storytelling gem.
  • Arabic Calligraphy: Adding that touch of elegance that makes your visuals pop.
  • Music Composition: Original scores that turn your video into a symphony of emotions.
  • Solo Oud Performances: Because every project deserves a soulful soundtrack.

Why Pick Me?

  • Been There, Done That: Years of navigating the twists and turns of the media industry.
  • Jack of All Trades: From capturing moments to creating music, I’ve got it all covered.
  • Heart in Every Frame: This isn’t just a job; it’s a passion.
  • Worldly Vibes: Specializing in world music, I bring a global touch to your projects.

Your story is like no other, and I’m here to sprinkle some magic dust on it. Let’s chat, let’s brainstorm, and let’s create something that gives your story the spotlight it deserves!

How to Find Me:

Drop me a message, and let’s turn your ideas into visual wonders.

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