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Paul Grewal

Video Producer / Assistant Director / Social Media Marketing / Editor
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About Freelancer

Hello, I’m Paul Grewal, a dedicated videographer and video editor based in Ontario, proudly affiliated with the DGC Union. With years of experience in film and TV production, I’ve served as a 2nd & 3rd Assistant Director, ensuring that every production runs smoothly and efficiently. My passion for this industry has only grown stronger since I earned my advanced diploma in Broadcasting – Television and Communications Media from Mohawk College. Education is key, and it’s what keeps me hungry for knowledge and skill development.

My Approach:

In the fast-paced world of film and TV, communication and adaptability are paramount. I make it my mission to collaborate closely with department heads to create schedules that seamlessly cater to their needs. When unexpected challenges arise, I thrive on finding creative solutions in real-time, working closely with my team. My commitment is to enhance the working environment for my colleagues and cast members, all while staying open to new techniques and constantly seeking ways to improve.

What I Offer:

Videography: From capturing breathtaking scenes to intimate moments, I use top-tier equipment to produce high-quality video content.
Video Editing: Transforming raw footage into compelling stories is my expertise. I bring your vision to life through precise editing, visual effects, and more.
Adaptability: I’m well-versed in various genres and styles, and I’m always eager to tackle new challenges.


Currently, I’m available for contract-based projects, but I’m also open to exploring full-time opportunities if the right one comes along.

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