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Nik Ziade

Videographer And Editor
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About Freelancer

Hey there! I’m Nik Ziade, and I love making movies. Imagine we’re on a cool adventure together, exploring stories that make you feel things. 😊

 I Love Asking Questions:

Ever since I was little, I’ve been really curious. I love asking people questions and finding out about their stories. It’s like my superpower for making movies that matter.

I’m Good at Seeing and Showing Things:

I’m like a wizard with movies. I’m good at seeing things, and that helps me make awesome videos. I also love music and talking with people, which makes my movies even more special.

 School Was Cool:

I went to school to learn more about making movies. It was like an exciting journey where I figured out how to make stories come to life. School taught me lots of cool stuff, and now I use it to make your movies amazing!

I Wear Different Hats:

In moviemaking, I do different jobs. When I’m a Director, I help actors show their feelings in a cool way. As an Editor, I put together all the cool pictures and sounds to make a fantastic story.

Things I’m Good At:

I’m great at thinking up cool ideas, talking with people, and making decisions fast. My movies are a mix of imagination, good communication, and teamwork.

Let’s team up and make something awesome!

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