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Kevin Fletcher

Videographer And Editor
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About Freelancer

I’m Kevin Fletcher, a seasoned videographer and video editor with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

My profile is grounded and no-nonsense, avoiding abstract phrases like “visually stunning storytelling” or “breathtaking visuals” that are commonly used. Instead, I’m here to provide you with straightforward information about how I can provide you with effective video services.

I come equipped with two Canon XF300 High-definition Video Cameras, an audio kit boasting a number of wireless lavalier (clip-on) mics and shotgun mics, and an extensive lighting kit ranging from small battery-powered key lights to full 1000W Arris. In essence, I arrive with an SUV packed full of gear, anywhere in the province, ready for anything.

My specialty lies in producing corporate, industrial, and training videos.

If your business, regardless of its size, requires a professional business videographer who shows up (and on time), never “ghosts” you, is experienced, efficient and reasonably priced, I’m your go-to.

While I am in what is considered a ‘creative industry’, I differentiate myself from others by equally balancing creativity with reliability and I only commit to a project when I’m confident that I can execute it flawlessly, backed by a portfolio of previous successful work. I prioritize authenticity and don’t believe in “faking it ’till you make it”.

Why Choose Me:

Experience: With decades in the industry, my experience speaks for itself. I’ve tackled a wide range of projects, honing my skills and ensuring top-notch results.

Quality: It’s easy to say the word; My robust portfolio demonstrates the quality of my work.

Professionalism, Reliability and Communication: The core of my work ethic.

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