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Jon Lazenby

Videographer And Editor

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About Freelancer

Hey there! I’m Jon Lazenby, and I’ve been capturing stories through the lens for over a decade. With a passion for visual storytelling and an eye for detail, I bring your ideas to life through the art of videography and video editing. Let me give you a glimpse into my world and why we should collaborate.


  • Videography: I specialize in crafting captivating promotional media and behind-the-scenes videos that resonate with audiences. My extensive experience with Centroid Motion Capture and The Donmar Warehouse Theatre showcases my dedication to bringing brands and performances to the forefront.
  • Video Editing: Seamlessly weaving together footage and moments, I’ve worked on projects like ’15/LOVE,’ creating cinematic magic that leaves a lasting impact.
  • Technical Expertise: I’ve had the honor of contributing to incredible ventures like Microsoft Lionhead Studios, where I handled head cam operation for ‘Fable: The Journey’ and produced orchestral recording documentaries.

Why work with me? 

  • Experience: Over the years, I’ve honed my craft, collaborating with industry giants and creative minds.
  • Creativity: Every project is a canvas, and I paint it with a blend of innovation and precision to tell your unique story.
  • Versatility: From short films like ‘Sugar’ and ‘Stale Mate’ to capturing the essence of musical performances with Brighton Chamber Choir, I bring versatility to every frame.
  • Dedication: Your vision is my mission. I’m committed to translating your ideas into visual masterpieces that exceed expectations.

Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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