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Bernie Bertrand

Videographer And Editor
Greater Sudbury
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About Freelancer

Hello there! I’m Bernie Bertrand, your dedicated videographer and video editor, ready to weave visual tales that resonate. With a fervor for storytelling through the lens, I specialize in transforming raw footage into immersive narratives that leave a lasting impact.


In my arsenal, I wield the artistry of videography, the precision of video production, and the finesse of video editing. Whether it’s capturing the essence of a moment, bringing conceptual dreams to life, or meticulously editing to perfection, I’m your one-stop shop for visual brilliance.


What sets me apart is my ability to tailor my skills to diverse needs. From crafting compelling promotional videos that elevate your brand to seamlessly covering events and turning them into timeless memories, I thrive on creating content that speaks volumes.

Why Work With Me:

  • Experience: Backed by years of honing my craft, I bring a wealth of expertise to your project. Each click of the camera and every edit made is steeped in the wisdom of countless projects.
  • Dedication: Your project is not just a task; it’s a commitment to excellence. I approach each project with unwavering dedication, ensuring a seamless production process, top-notch quality, and timely delivery.
  • Innovation: I don’t just capture moments; I curate experiences. Through an infusion of creativity, I breathe life into your ideas, making your project not just a visual representation but a work of art that stands out. So, let’s embark on this visual journey together!

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