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Bader Alayoubi

Content creator | Video Editor | Filmmaker
20 January 1999
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Hello and welcome,

I go by Bo but my real name is Bader – your trusted partner in crafting visual narratives. With a rich history in photography and videography, I’ve been privileged to work on a wide array of projects that spans across capturing enchanting pieces for jewelry brands, illustrating the energy of live music events through stills, to directing lenses at bustling expos and dynamic podcasts.


My journey into videography has seen me partner with diverse organizations, transforming everyday moments into engaging stories through podcasts, interviews, event reels, and corporate videos. Even though my experience with video editing is growing, my portfolio is extensive and varied, including everything from podcast episodes to corporate advertisements.


At the core of my philosophy is a passion for what I do – capturing moments, freezing time, and creating lasting memories. I firmly believe that love for one’s work shines through the final product, and with each click of the shutter or cut of the video reel, I strive to ensure this passion is evident.

What sets me apart is my adaptability and readiness for action. Each client, each project brings its unique challenges and requirements. Rather than shrink back, I step up – adapting my skills and approach to ensure that your story is told in the most compelling way possible.


Join me at BoCam, where I embrace your narrative, frame by frame. I can’t wait to help you illuminate your story.

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