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Arijit Dasgupta

Digital Media Specialist | Video Editor
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About Freelancer

Hey there! I’m Arijit Dasgupta, a passionate Videographer with a creative flair that’s all about capturing moments and weaving them into compelling stories. Armed with a degree in Digital Media, I’ve honed my craft to perfection.


My skill set is a blend of magic and technology. I’m a wizard at motion graphics, breathing life into static visuals. 2D animation is my canvas where I paint captivating narratives that come alive. And when it comes to video editing, I sculpt raw footage into seamless tales that resonate.

Why Work With Me:

Collaborating with me means stepping into a world where creativity knows no bounds. I’ve delved into the realm of short films and commercials, leaving my artistic imprint on every project. But my real driving force? It’s the desire to craft films that touch hearts and motivate positive change. Each frame I capture, and each edit I make, is aimed at inspiring people to transform their lives for the better.

So, if you’re in search of a videographer who’s not just about visuals, but about evoking emotions and sparking transformations, then you’ve found your guy. Let’s team up and bring your vision to life through the captivating magic of videography.

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