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Simon Yaroshchuk

Cinematographer/Editor at Conestoga College
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About Freelancer

Hello there! I’m Simon, a passionate videographer and video editor on a mission to weave unforgettable stories through the lens. Currently immersing myself in the world of visuals as a Cinematographer/Editor at Conestoga College, I’ve been on this exhilarating journey for the past 4 months, learning, growing, and capturing moments that stand the test of time.


🎓 Conestoga College | Sep 2023 – Present | Permanent Full-time

Crafting visual narratives while pursuing a degree in Video Production and Cinematography. Every project is an opportunity to explore new horizons in the world of film.

🎥 Video Production Specialist/Cinematographer | Jun 2021 – Sep 2023 | 2 yrs 4 mos

Diving into the art of storytelling through videos, I honed my skills over two years, capturing the essence of moments that matter.

Skills That Define My Craft:

🎥 Cinematography:

Turning moments into visual poetry, creating a symphony of emotions through the lens.

🎬 Video Production:

Bringing concepts to life, from ideation to execution, ensuring every frame tells a story.

✂️ Video Editing:

Weaving together scenes with finesse, transforming raw footage into captivating tales.

📷 Camera Operation:

A maestro with the camera, ensuring each shot is a masterpiece in itself.

💡 Studio Lighting:

Harnessing the power of light to enhance the mood and ambiance of every scene.

🎞️ Video Post-Production:

Meticulously refining and enhancing the visual narrative in the editing room.

💡 Video Lighting:

Painting with light to create the perfect visual palette for every project.

📝 Script Editing:

Polishing scripts to perfection, ensuring the narrative flows seamlessly on screen.

🎥 Gear Galore:

Equipped with an arsenal of top-notch tools, I dance between cameras like nobody’s business. Sony FS5, FS7, BMPCC6K (4k, 6kpro), Arri Alexa, Canon R6 – you name it, I’ve shot with it. Lenses, gimbals, lights, and sound equipment – I’ve mastered the art of making technology sing

Why Choose My Services?

Capturing memories and telling human stories through the magic of video is not just a job for me; it’s my passion. Each project is an opportunity to create something extraordinary, to freeze moments in time that will be cherished forever.

Let’s collaborate to turn your visions into cinematic realities!

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